We like fruit loop subtraction
about 5 years ago, Miss Rott
Fruit loops :)
DCE Families - Please note the delay in the cookie dough delivery. It is now expected to be here on Monday, March 4. Please watch the APP on Monday for updates.
about 5 years ago, Mrs. Brown
Cookie delivery
Mr. Jay Johnson from Lake Region College presented Job opportunities in the field of Wind Energy to DC Jrs. and Srs. today. Wind Energy companies need engineers and technicians to work in the ever-growing field. Mr. Johnson shared information on these career opportunities.
about 5 years ago, Nick Ator
Mrs. Grote's Management class is working on a business simulation in which they must turn a nonprofitable business into a profitable one. Some of the activities they must complete include supervising employees, redesigning a productive office and production floor, bidding on orders, and buying insurance.
about 5 years ago, Mrs. Grote
redesigning production floor
redesigning production floor
redesigning production floor
Kindergarteners constructing a cube with pretzels and marshmallows. A lot of fun and delicious to eat.
about 5 years ago, Mrs. Gunlock
Tory and Tellie work on their base.
Lily, Dinah and Cobain working on their cube.
Boen was very quick at constructing his cube. Great job Boen!
Congratulations to Lance Fuentes on being named to the District 16 All District regular season team as well as the District 16 All Tournament Team.
about 5 years ago, Divide County Sports
DCE fundraiser cookie dough is arriving soon! YUM!
about 5 years ago, Mrs. Brown
cookie dough
The Divide County Maroons Boys’ season comes to an end tonight. Congratulations to Coach Loper and the Maroons on all their hard work this season. The future is bright for these young athletes. Go Maroons!
about 5 years ago, Divide County Sports
DC boys
Kindergarteners, Harper and Cobain, leading DCE in The Pledge of Allegiance today! Students take turns every day in leading the Pledge.
about 5 years ago, Mrs. Brown
Congratulations to Ms. Van's homeroom students for keeping our room clean and earning the Golden Trash Can!
about 5 years ago, Ms. Van
Golden Trash Can
Thanks to Kyler and Sam for reading to 4th grade today! Good luck at Districts!
about 5 years ago, Mrs. Burtman
The Divide County Maroons Boy’s Basketball team was victorious over the Tioga Pirates. They will play the Kenmare Honkers Monday at 4:30 PM in Ray with a trip to the Region 8 Basketball Tournament on the line.
about 5 years ago, Divide County Sports
The Maroons fall in the opening round of the District 16 Tournament to the Stanley Blue Jays. The Maroons will play the Tioga Pirates tomorrow at 4:30 PM in Ray.
about 5 years ago, Divide County Sports
Thanks to Divide County Basketball players Xander and Max for reading to the 3rd grade today. Best of luck tonight! Go Maroons.
about 5 years ago, Mrs. Ator
Congratulations to Wyatt Peterson on earning his Yellow Belt in 3rd Grade’s “Kicking It” multiplication program.
about 5 years ago, Mrs. Ator
Karson Poole constructed this bench in the Vocational Agriculture shops to be donated to the Hospital Gala!
about 5 years ago, Mr. Weyer
Karson Poole with the bench he constructed.
Bench completed constructed.
Mark your calendars! The book fair is coming March 25-28!
about 5 years ago, Megan Wissbrod
boof fair
Mrs. Ratcliffe’s and Mrs. Gunlock’s class have been getting together to share their reading skills with one another! We ❤️ our reading buddies!
about 5 years ago, Mrs. Ratcliffe
Aliza and Carter
Francis and Coy
Zachary and Cobain
Joran and Tellie
It's Tournament Time! The Divide County Maroons begin their District Tournament tonight vs. the Stanley Blue Jays at Ray High School. Game time is approxiametly 7:30 P.M. Come on out and cheer loud!!
about 5 years ago, Divide County Sports
5th graders enjoyed learning how to code during their tech time today.
about 5 years ago, Mrs. Lesmeister
Ailyn and Jocia