Orange chicken for lunch at DC today.
20 days ago, DCSD
Happy Veteran's Day from your local FCCLA chapter. We showed our appreciation and many thanks to our local veterans by making and serving the meal after the program today.
23 days ago, Lisa Dohmstriech
Lunch at DC today. Turkey dinner.
24 days ago, DCSD
Meatballs! Foods class made some super yummy meatballs today. They also had to take their own pictures today.
25 days ago, Lisa Dohmstriech
meatball 4
meatball 3
meatball 2
meatball 1
Breakfast at DCHS-Long john. DCE-Mini cinnis. Lunch at DC Cheesy breadsticks.
25 days ago, DCSD
AWESOME JOB at Drop-Off this morning, DCE! We will continue with these procedures at Drop-Off in the morning, but will not be using this method at pick-up after school. We will continue pick as we have been doing it. Thanks for everyone's help with a smooth and safer drop-off!
26 days ago, Mrs. Brown
Reminder: NEW Drop-Off and Pick-Up procedures begin today at DCE! Procedures posted on Nov. 4 on the DC App and in Rooms. Please be sure to get the DC App to get school information. Also, sign up for Rooms (replaces LIVING TREE which no longer exists) to get updated information from classroom teachers. If you need assistance, please call one of the school offices. Thank you! Make it a great day!
26 days ago, Mrs. Brown
Reminder for all 9th graders!!
26 days ago, Mrs. Harding
Reminder for all 9th graders!!
Meals at DC today. Egg and cheese biscuit. Chicken fajita.
26 days ago, DCSD
Our last breakfast lab in Independent Living was a choice lab. Student were given free reign to pick a recipe. My room smells amazing!
27 days ago, Lisa Dohmstriech
jam do scones
cinnamon. roll
apple coffee cake
Lunch at DC, scalloped potatoes and ham.
27 days ago, DCSD
Ever use your broiler to cook? FACS I did, they made broiler muffin pizza's!
about 1 month ago, Lisa Dohmstriech
broiler pizza
Pizza 2
Pizza 1
broiler use
Divide County Elementary Drop-Off & Pick Up Procedures Beginning Wednesday, November 9
about 1 month ago, Mrs. Brown
pick up and drop off letter
DC breakfast today, oatmeal and toast. Lunch at DCE mini cheese quesadilla.
about 1 month ago, DCSD
8th grade science field trip
about 1 month ago, Mrs. Harding
8th grade science field trip
Heres whats cookin' at DC today. Breakfast pizza. Pulled pork sandwich.
about 1 month ago, DCSD
3 on 3 Basketball is BACK! The mini maroons program will be starting 3 on 3 once again on Wednesdays. This program will be offered to boys grades 3-6 and girls grades 3-5. 3 on 3 will take place at the High School from 6:30-7:30 PM on the following days: November 9th November 16th November 30th December 7th December 14th. More dates and times may be added. Enter through the weight room door. We are tentatively planning on starting mini maroons for the younger kids in January. Please stay tuned for more information.
about 1 month ago, Mrs. Ator
Foods class is all about making use of the grocery store flyer. Chuck steak and Eye of round was on the menu today with 4 different sides!
about 1 month ago, Lisa Dohmstriech
steak and brownie
steak and garlic bread
steak and mash
steak and beans
Career Expo-9th grade
about 1 month ago, Mrs. Harding
Career Fair Flyer
How do you like your eggs? The freshman FACS class made eggs 4 ways today.
about 1 month ago, Lisa Dohmstriech
eggs 2
eggs 1